Sunday, December 15, 2013

Race Report: Silver Springs XC Race

Silver Springs XC

Saturday was the final cross country race of 2013 out at Silver Springs.  After having a blast at the Edworthy XC race I really want to fit in as many of the remaining XC races this winter as possible.  We’ve had some pretty wicked cold weather out here lately but luckily a chinook blew into town in time for the race making it a very comfortable 5C.  It was pretty windy but the warmer temperatures were so nice!

I showed up at Silver Springs Community Hall, paid my $10 to register and dropped my dessert off.  Then it was time to walk over to the race start!  There were some announcements about the course and then we were on our way.IMG 4986Yes, there are a couple of people in shorts there behind me!  We’ve gotten a ton of snow lately so that would be our biggest obstacle on the race course - deep snow as opposed to lots of ice.  Running through that deep snow definitely felt tough.  There was also plenty of up and down along the course.Screen Shot 2013 12 15 at 6 58 08 PMI’ve run the pathways around here in the summertime quite a bit, although it has been a few years since I’ve been out here.  It was really interesting to run those same paths in deep snow in the winter!  The view up along the ridge was also so beautiful.  We really lucked out with a great day.IMG 4989It wasn’t long before the 4K racers peeled off and then I was pretty well on my own at the back of the pack.  Being so new to winter trail running I have a bit of work to do to build up strength in my legs to tackle the hills and the snow!  The race felt tougher than Edworthy to me and I don’t know if the course was really harder or if it was just the amount of snow out there.  That being said I really enjoyed the challenge!IMG 4990See, check out some of the climbs we had!

I had been bringing up the rear on this race but on one of the climbs I caught up to the fellow in front of me.  I didn’t want to hold him up so I made sure to keep pushing the rest of the way to the finish line.  1:11:09 and I was done (with the course measuring at 4.55 mi).  I got my popsicle stick with my race placement on it… IMG 4991….and made my way into the hall for some delicious soup and desserts.

Soup and Desserts

I think I need to start running trails a little more often!  I’d definitely head back out to Silver Springs now.  Thanks to the Roadrunners for another great race and I’m already looking forward to the next one in January!

Measured course length: 4.55 mi (7.32 km)
Elevation gain/loss: 715 ft (218 m) 
Time: 1:11:09
Overall: 90 out of 91
Women 30-39: 10 out of 10


  1. I've never done a cross country race before, but it looks like fun! Well maybe not that hill though :)

  2. Hey you weren't last! That climb looks seriously hard even without the snow. You are really embracing this new love. Good for you!

  3. You have to worry about running through snow and ice, honestly you really put me to shame. I complain it is too cold when it drops below 20C!