Bye bye winter trails…

With Neil and I taking to the mountains to hike Johnston Canyon to the Ink Pots it meant that I missed the final Calgary Roadrunner’s XC race of the season.  I really wanted to get out and run the trails this weekend anyway.

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My run did not start off on the best foot.  I had to run 10 miles (or 16.1 km) with the option to add on an extra mile if things felt good.  That meant I’d need to bring fluids with me, yet I couldn’t find my Nathan hydration waist pack.  I tore the house apart looking for it for an hour with no luck.  I finally gave up and figured I would just come home part way through my run for a drink.

I made my way out to Twelve Mile Coulee and put my Micro Spikes on.  After a couple of days of warmer weather the snow was definitely slushy and was starting to disappear.  There was also plenty of mud!

IMG 5893

IMG 5896

As I made my way down into the coulee there was a bit more snow around thanks to the shadows from the trees, but it was still really slushy out.

IMG 5902

It sure was pretty though!

IMG 5904

IMG 5906

Unfortunately the snow gave way to a bunch of mud so I detoured my run and headed back to the sidewalks around my neighbourhood.

IMG 5908

I figured this was also a good time to pop by home for a drink and a GU.  Luckily I was almost half way through my run so I didn’t feel like I had too much distance left ahead of me.  Despite the long hike the day before my legs were still feeling pretty good as I ran through my hilly neighbourhood.  There were still big piles of snow to jump over, along with big patches of ice and huge puddles.  That made it a bit slow going, but I’ll take the obstacles any day over -20C!

Finally around 7.5 miles in my legs started to feel fatigue set in.  I kept pushing though because I know I need to get used to running on fatigued legs this year.  I really did want to push for 11 miles but just as I hit 10 miles I was about to run up a big hill and my legs cried uncle.  They were done like dinner!  I walked up the big hill and promptly made my way to Starbucks for a hot chocolate.

IMG 5909

Sadly that was probably my last winter trail run of the year (barring any big weather changes).  It sure has been fun exploring these snowy trails over the last few months though!

Despite my legs being completely done I was a good athlete and got on my spin bike for a super easy 30 minute spin that afternoon.  I knew it was just what I needed to help flush my legs out.

IMG 5911

Tell me about your long run this weekend!


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    You are SUCH a trooper pushing through the fatique (and slush and hills!). No long run for me this past weekend as I was *almost* recovered from my brief cold. I did make it for a total of 7 miles over the weekend though :) better than zero! Great workout!

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    I pushed out 27 yesterday. By 22 my legs were done and it was a pure mental game. Legs are tired today but might go for a long walk to help get them moving again :) Never knew about 12 mile coulee. Will have to check out that trail :)

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