March Goals

Wow…hello March!  They like to say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  Given the absolutely frigid weather we’ve kicked off March with I’m pretty sure the lion is roaring in.  I’m really looking forward to spring (like I’m sure most of you are too)!

March 2014 Goals 3

So how did February go?

  • Core five times per week.  I nailed it!  I organized a core challenge for the month with Team Tri Life and that was a huge motivator for me.  I worked to incorporate hip strengthening exercises and lower back strengthening moves because there is more to your core than your abdominals.  I’ve struggled with getting in three sessions of core a week but this challenge really helped me create a habit.
  • Keep my diet on track.  I’ve done fairly well with this since my Whole30 challenge ended.  I definitely felt the difference when we ate out several days in a row in Edmonton and that had me craving to get back to our usual routine.
  • Finish at least one book this month.  Well, that was a failure.  I can sum that up in one word…the Olympics…I was glued.Sochi
  • Don’t wuss out in the weather.  I ran outside as much as I could, but there were some days when it made more sense to run on a treadmill.  Sometimes you have to do what seems like the safest option!

What are my goals for March?

  • Finish at least one book this month.  Let’s try this one again!
  • One hour of strength training per week.  My swim/bike/run volume is going up but I need to figure out a way to continue to fit strength training in.
  • Foam rolling.  It is time to bring foam rolling back in to the routine!  Peat is excited.  Foam rolling means cuddle time to Peat.DSCN8020

What are your goals for March?


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