Tuesday Night Spins Are Killer

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Tuesday nights are dedicated to the bike and in the winter my triathlon team, Team Tri Life, gets together for indoor spins.  Riding indoors on a trainer can be somewhat boring, but this is also a great time for us to build strength and power.  It can be really hard to be motivated on the trainer but in a group I find I push myself harder.  There is just something about knowing how hard everyone around you is working combined with the encouragement from the coach that can really help to push you farther.

For most of the winter we spin at Bow Cycle after they close, but when Bow Cycle extends their hours for spring and summer we need to find a new venue.  In the past we’ve moved to a community hall but this year it seems like every Scout group has every hall in Calgary booked every Tuesday.  I’m pretty sure my coach was wondering if our Tuesday night spinning tradition would be able to continue.  Luckily one of my team members called around at every large building he could find to see if they had a space we could rent.  His persistence paid off and he found us a rather unconventional space…

IMG 5853

The basement of a funeral home.

Ah, let all the puns you can think of fly!  It brings a whole new meaning to the idea of a “killer bike workout.”

I thought it might be a little weird and morbid (and truthfully the coffin in the room is a little weird), but it is a really great space for us!

IMG 5857

It is a big, open room that stays nice and cool.  There is also a great space outside where we can do brick runs off the bike when it warms up a bit more.  Class takes place well outside of business hours and the space we are spinning in is in a different building set well aways from the actual funeral home.

If you are looking to kick up your triathlon training to the next level please consider joining us for our Tuesday night indoor workout!  The class is open to anyone, not just Team Tri Life athletes.  You can find more details here!


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    Kuddo’s to him for thinking outside the box…I would have never thought to call a funeral home about renting space…and it looks like a great space with lots of room to spread out!

  2. 3


    What a clever idea for space! Maybe if you get tired you could lay down in the coffin for a rest? I hear they have great mattresses in them :)

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    I sincerely hope that the funeral home is closed when your group is in there and there’s no chance in encountering a grieving family or friends. I think that would be very disrepectful.

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      Oh boy, yes, I absolutely agree with you! I have no doubt that they wouldn’t have rented the space to us if there was any chance of there being a service at the same time.

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    Good for your group for looking for a new space but shame on the funeral home for renting it. They make enough money from their core business; they should stick to it. Even if there’s no service, family members are in and out making arrangements. They don’t need to encounter athletes who are using the facilities for workouts.

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