Saturday, May 3, 2014

BMO Vancouver I come!

After months of preparation it is a little hard to believe that the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon is tomorrow.  My last few runs have been huge confidence boosters so I'm feeling ready.  The only thing that makes me nervous is the forecast:

In Calgary we learn to run in just about any kind of weather system but rain it seems.  Despite the "unknown" of running in the rain I will take that over snow or a scorching hot day.
The training is done, it is now time to rest up and hydrate in anticipation of tomorrow, then execute my race plan. I'm excited for what tomorrow holds and to see how far I've come since running this race last year. Wish me luck!


  1. Hey Leana! I'm sure you'll do awesome, you trained strong through a really tough winter. Embrace the rain and have a great race! Hope to see you out there but I think you will be way ahead of me this year!